The National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR)

From the Chairman and Council of The British Institute of Organ Studies

Why we need your help to ensure the future of the NPOR

If you use the NPOR regularly, you will know what a valuable resource it is. With well over 35,000 organs catalogued since 1987, its extensive coverage of British organs is already unmatched by any other country worldwide. It is owned by its founder, the British Institute of Organ Studies, a charity devoted to organ research and preservation. BIOS is committed to free access to NPOR for all users.

The constant flow of information is efficiently managed by the Royal College of Organists on behalf of BIOS, and a team of volunteer editors continues to extend and refine it with the ultimate ambition of including every organ in the land. The NPOR currently receives an average of more than 20,000 file searches which bring up some 50,000 surveys per month.

BIOS needs your help to meet the cost of maintaining and developing the NPOR database. The running and hosting costs – at present about £9,000 annually, or more than one third of our annual income – are not sustainable by BIOS alone. The future of the Register therefore depends upon the support of those who use and value it.

We therefore ask for contributions from all those who use and value the Register. Single donations are welcome at any time and at any level. If you are a regular user, please consider taking out a Standing Order and thus donating to the NPOR on a continuing basis.

How to donate

To make a single donation, please click here.

Standing Orders: For the sake of the future security of NPOR, we are keen to find individuals and organisations who are willing to donate regularly by Standing Order. To do so, please click here.

Since BIOS is a charity, please remember to use Gift Aid if appropriate.

How much?

All donations are welcome, whether large or small! For example, a contribution of 50p for each use of NPOR would be greatly appreciated.

We are very grateful to all our many donors, who recognise the unique value and usefulness of NPOR and are helping to safeguard its future. A substantial number of individuals and organisations have been particularly generous in recent years, giving sums between £50 and £500 either singly or by Standing Order. It is BIOS’s policy to recognise large gifts by publishing an annual roll of such donors (with permission) on this website. The roll is at present being revised and updated.