The National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR)

From the Chairman and Council of The British Institute of Organ Studies

Why we need your help to ensure the future of the NPOR

If you use the NPOR regularly, you will know what a valuable resource it is. With more than 35,000 organs catalogued since 1987, its extensive coverage of British organs is already unmatched by any other country worldwide, and a team of volunteer editors continues to extend and refine it with the ultimate ambition of including every organ in the land.

The NPOR currently receives an average of more than 20,000 file searches which bring up 40,000 surveys per month. It is owned by its founder, the British Institute of Organ Studies, a charity devoted to organ research and preservation. BIOS is committed to free access to NPOR for all users.

However, the future of the Register is now threatened by the increased cost of managing the constant flow of information (a task efficiently performed by the Royal College of Organists on behalf of BIOS) and maintaining the database. Outside grants are no longer available for these purposes, and the entire running and hosting costs - amounting to about £9,000 annually - are shouldered by BIOS. This burden, amounting to more than one third of annual income, is no longer sustainable by BIOS alone.

That is why we are asking for the help of all those who use and value the Register. A contribution of 50p for each use of NPOR would make all the difference. Single donations are welcome at any time and at any level. If you are a regular user, please consider taking out a Standing Order and make a commitment to giving to the NPOR on a continuing basis.

How to donate

Single donations are welcome at any time: to make one, click here.

Your cheque will be gratefully received; it should be made payable to The British Institute of Organ Studies and sent to Adrian Mumford, Hon Treasurer, BIOS, 63 Atbara Road, Teddington, TW11 9PA. Please enclose your name and contact details, with an instruction that the donation is to be applied to the National Pipe Organ Register Fund. Please also state whether the donation is to be treated as Gift Aid (if applicable), and if so please include a Gift Aid declaration.

Standing Orders: For the sake of the future security of NPOR, we are keen to find supporters who are willing to donate on a continuing basis.
To do so, click here. Standing order forms may be sent by post or as a scanned email attachment.

Since BIOS is a charity, please remember to use Gift Aid if appropriate.

How much?

All donations are welcome, whether large or small! For example, a contribution of 50p for each use of NPOR would be greatly appreciated. Those able to offer a greater level of support will be enrolled annually in the following categories:

  • Friends (donations of £50 or more)
  • Donors (£100 or more)
  • Benefactors (£250 or more)
  • Patrons £500 or more)

The BIOS Council will acknowledge such donations by including them in the supporters' roll here, unless they request otherwise. This roll of supporters recognises those organisations and individuals who have made donations as Patrons, Benefactors, Donors or Friends. We are also very grateful to the many other NPOR users who have given their support. We hope that many more will join us to do so, and for further details, please click here.

Patrons: Herbert John Norman, John Mander, James Cook, Gary Rant, Harrison & Harrison Organ builders, Geoffrey Donald, David Wells Organ Builders Ltd, Michael Farley Ltd.

Benefactors: Nicholson & Co, David Force, Peter Bassett, John Kitchen, Mr B R Carlick, Dr Maurice Rigby, Dr David Shuker, Christopher Bell, Browne Organ Builders.

Donors: Steve Dunk, Kenneth Reynolds, Rev Canon N J Thistlethwaite, Dr R Godfrey, Chris O'Gorman, Mr Anthony V Yearsley, Dave Fisher, Andrew Love, Mark Venning, Keith Jones, Barrie Bignold, Ian Giddons, Sarah Briscoe, A J & L Taylor Ltd, A L Hall, Robert Clement, Helen Simpson, Susan Verran, Jim Berrow, Edinburgh Society of Organists, Solid state Organ Systems, P Wells, Richard Bower, Stewart Taylor, Ian Carter, Daniel Cook.

Friends: Frank Jackson, Stephen Lemmings, John Townend, Philip Wharton, Andrew Cowell, Robert Wetton, Nigel Perry, Andrew Burling, Owen Ryder, Julian Oxley, Richard Knight, A G Littell, Peter Gutteridge, David Halls, Michael Mappin, Douglas Corr, Michael Blighton, Malcolm Lightbown, Bruce Buchanan, Brian Varley, Michael Latham, Marc Ogier, Mr T G Tipple, Mr Robert Bowles, Peter Jewkes, David Pitches, Ulster Society of Organists, Brian Anderson, anon, Bucks Organists Association, Mr Eric Spencer, East Sussex Organists Association, S C Taylor, Paul Isted, Edward Dove, Cumbrian Society of Organists, Andrew Henderson, Nigel Hawley.